20 Self-Confidence Traps Holding Smart People Back


  1. Using weak body language – Such as crossing your arms, not smiling, looking down, and not making eye contact
  2. Hesitating to speak up in groups – Whether in a meeting, social setting, or a public speaking situation
  3. Avoiding interaction with anyone new – Being unable to initiate new connections or approach someone you want to meet
  4. Weak verbal communication – Speaking with a low voice, ending sentences with questions, or sounding really nervous
  5. Fear of trying new things or taking on challenges – Difficulty taking actions that stretch your comfort zone or feel even slightly uncomfortable, even if you know they will improve your life
  6. Hesitating to ask for what you want or need – Inability to confidently express your desires because you don’t feel worthy
  7. Resistance to letting go of past failures and mistakes – Dwelling in negative thinking and embarrassment of what happened long ago
  8. Not trusting your own judgment – Feeling your ability to solve problems, make decisions, initiate ideas, or take assertive action is compromised or not as sound as your peers
  9. Indecisiveness – Not trusting your own judgment enough to even begin to know what you want
  10. Letting others make your decisions for you – Letting the opinions of others dictate your reality

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